Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your Conference Room On Wheels.

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Affordable Team Travel.

Our 72 passenger school buses provide a maximum capacity ride.  Perfect for school trips, sports tournaments, and team events.

Equipped with Radio, and GPS, we will get you to your destination smiling and safe.

We have vehicles designed for your adventure.

Our accessible vehicles are perfect for groups with mobility needs. 

We can accommodate up to as many as 4 wheelchairs and 6 guests.


Equipped with Air Conditioning, Radio, and GPS, our buses provide a comfortable ride to wherever you're going!


Our 21 seater vehicles are designed to make any trip the ultimate charter experience.

Each individual, leather or cloth covered captain's chairs offer room to recline and stretch.

Our specially designed rear luggage compartments and additional overhead storage ensures riders can bring anything they need, while maintaining comfort.

 Equipped with air conditioning and DVD player,  long trips are sure to pass by quickly and comfortably.